torsdag 7 januari 2010

980506/091216 - redemption

in search of heart. i've seen you as my light.
wallowing through whittered ashes, ashes of my failing fight.
plunged blood in my lungs, show me your light.

yesterday we recorded two songs in our rehearsalroom, 980506/091216 was one of the songs. i've never felt like this for a song. i've been going through a rough passage lately and somehow this song represent those times. i've been a ticking bomb, ready to be fused. but some nights ago i met a old friend at the pub, we talked for a while and suddenly he hugged me and started to cry in front of the whole bar. he told me that he was afraid that i'm wasting my life away and told that i walked on thin ice. he got me thinking and now i'm realizing. maybe this will be the first time for a long time that i'm ready to get ridd of the life i've been living for these two years. thank you and here you go, a little sneak a peak. and by the way, come and join us at the pub "rockbaren" the 29th of january. there will be a supporting act, me and victor (singer and guitarist in deviniance). see you there!

love elvis

tisdag 20 oktober 2009


Just like everyone else we begun to move all of our instruments. Every single drum, shaker, pedal, guitar, bass, synthesizer and person. Everything seemed to be in control and we kept on moving all of our equipment during the Friday evening. As the drums were supposed to get used to the new environment and temperature before being tuned we left Deep Blue Studios for the night.

Saturday came swiftly and 10.00 in the morning David, Isak(who helped Nico out in the studio) and Nico started to tune and arrange all the drums with recording gear. After setting everything up in the drum room and tuning the guitars in to drop B the recording of Is This Where We Started had taken form. Is This Where We Started explains the formation of our human breed. We have today reached the bottom of the top, so to speak by exploiting every resource, both human and natural resources in the new need for egocentric profit, and that’s not where we started or should continue. We need to take a step back and see the beauty.

Due to last recording session in Slakthuset Studio our expectations were set higher than before. But our attitude was still to make the best of it. The studio had potential to make an awesome record but we didn’t know if we had.

The drums had come clean to both of our songs and the guitars were up next. As we want to keep our sound in studio as we sound live, basically we used our own purchased equipment. Which we also think suits our music the best. We had to record one of the guitars twice because of a misunderstanding, but it came out good after rearranging the guitar once again.

We tried to use the time as efficient as possible which made the first day quit long. We recorded, drums, both guitars along with all the delay, echo and fuzzy effects. Emil ended the recording for the day by recording all the bass parts.

Elvis was first in place the next day by recording all of the synthesizer and piano parts. Some of the parts were not figured out. So, Elvis had to figure out how he exactly played in all the parts. This was central in our recording. We heard new things we hadn’t heard before that one’s playing and realized that we had figure some parts out to be accurate.

All the mixing and output work took quite some time and we are proud of the work. Right now we are working on the cover and are planning on doing some other new features on Myspace.

The title of our demo, “Samsara” is pointing to the egocentric way of humanity. People are putting themselves on pedestals and don’t give a shit about other people but profit. We are not trying to prove that there is another life beyond the one that think we are attending in right now. But pointing out one of the biggest reasons why people are living in oppression and starvation today, the ego. And we are not satisfied with that kind of world!

“Postponed. End” is again pointing at “Samsara”, as the Hindus and Buddhists are talking about. Everything is postponed and people are making other people suffer because of their own manipulative way of living as parasites.” Postponed. End” explains a person’s postponed end after being manipulated by another person in one’s surrounding. Being closed in, used and finally the person is enough submissive to hand in their own life in exchange of a sort of salvation. But then again, we will see the wheel and start over once again.

The release date of our new demo “Samsara” will be on Monday the 26th of October 13:37 p.m. GMT+1 and of course free for downloading. We don’t believe that music is a way of making money!


Deviniance (New demo, Samsara) | MySpace Music Videos

onsdag 29 juli 2009


You know when you hear that tune, that atmosphere that gives you the shivers. The uprising of it made me know, that, that was it. When it slows down and drops me into a ocean of tremolo, delay, synthesizer, bass and non touchable sound I saw it coming. It was just natural. I shivered.

Our new song has no name, neither is it done. But the three minutes of it, this far made me shiver. Ahh it felt so good.
On the balcony where it looked like something just fell from the sky we talked about how we're supposed to continue the shivers. Me and Elvis, almost simultaneously answered that we practically was satisfied with it as it was. We felt so good with it. Right now we're maybe doing on of our best songs and we'll se how it will end up.

In quite some time I have felt quite down. I do not really know why. But what I know is that it has given a effect on the band. But last night i realized that it couldn’t go on, 'cause it's affecting other people but me. You know, you can't be in one state of mind if it's giving a negative effect on other people, that's my opinion. I've been irritated on small crappy things and couldn’t really see the good things amongst all the irritation I saw as more important. It sounds really shitty, and it is. Sometimes we have these periods and it seems that I always have them in the summer.

I will now try to explain the interpretations of what and why it's been this way. Trying to explain one's mind is not always that easy. Because there are always tons of different values and factors that gives an impact of how you sum it all up, sometimes even the smallest things make me doubt. I feel numb and in one way gives up. Someone else's doing the job much better. Get it? Every now and then people are looking for acknowledgement because often in some sort of manic disorders they have this complexity of and in their preferences of themselves. My biggest issue is that when I'm not involved, I sometimes generate the feeling of being left out. And the lack of praise sometimes gets me even further down in it. This is completely fiction. I am not looking for more commandment than others but still, I need it in someway of confirmation of doing a good job. It's all mixed up inside of the blob between my shoulders.

I know that we don't have these childish tendencies of leaving someone out. Just in behave of some sort of revenge. Some people do that and I can't understand why. I think I've tried at least to make my self clear about that. But, I don’t know if you've become any smarter or understood a word that I just said. But I hope that those who need to understand it and didn't understand, reads it one more time.

In a week or so we'll have our next rehearsal and then, we are going to produce the best song we've ever written. And yeah, don't forget to log on to and read our new review. It's our third review and we're happy of everyone of them, we learn from them.


tisdag 2 juni 2009


Sometimes I feel harsh, sometimes I feel like I just want to leave everything and lie down into the ditch. When my ambitions to create music and feel it race through my veins slumber, I feel like I just want to let go. And these so called times happends to ascend.

Some weeks ago I felt I didn't wanted to play in the band anymore. Everything was dead to me, no respect, no prosperity with the relations in the band. I felt like everyone didn't really wanted this to be. And those kind of thoughts lowered me down under the surface of a ocean. These times happends to be false alarm and it turns out that my head had played me a game. Maybe this is my personality's darker side, the aspects of my mind happends to create distorted realities. And at the end, I realized that it is was all a doublefaced cogitation of my behaviour in the ways of my living. Everything I do, no sleep, no homeworks being done, drinking, smoking and eating unhealthy did affect my behaviour and my realtions to other beings. And myself.

But, there's always a but. These reactions maybe have been caused by the past, maybe the past has being shaping my life. And yes it has. I'm happy to be the one I'm today and the side effects of what it has brought is in my opinion both a negative and positive impact in my personality. Maybe I'm to generous by giving you the people these kind of facts but it feels like it has facilitated the way I'm as a person, how I handle situations and respond to people. People think that the past can't shape your future but it does clearly.

Now I'm talking jibberish, but I wanted to tell you that sometimes I feel that this life has nothing to give me in return of what I'm doing. But these stupid thoughts plays me just a another strange trick, it's trying to send me down there, somewhere where nothing exists. it is strange that all this negative mass that is so, so, so small can take over so much of the positive mass life is creating every second. never give up, everything you do may not be valueable for living, but you live to exist and live to live a life. That is why you and I was born, to be and to feel.

This opportunity of being creating music has in ways saved me and the members has keeping me going and supported me. Escpacially one person and you know who you're. Up and downs has showed us what we want to do and in which path it has lead us onto is ours to create. I really want this to last forever. Everytime I enter the stage with our histories to show, this feeling of being immortal and important appears in my eyes. That our purpose of the music has a beneficial factor to all of you and maybe I'm wrong with this but that is why I'm doing this. To express and show, to live a life of mine, to give you a performance that gives a impact, both both mentally and physically.

My english is quite bad, I think I have been writing maybe 25 % of understandable text. But as always, it's the thoughts that are measured, not the superficial perfect face that is important. To much is maybe to less and the contrasts of it, nothing is right when thoughts are being asked of. Now I'm going to sleep, the only three things I'm thinking of is maybe this text has revealed to much of the state I was in that period, why I didn't took care of my school when I had the time and of a girl my heart has been sent away to. She's beautiful and full of grace, both sides, internal and external.

And yesterday we played at a festvial called "Yeah! 09 Festivalen" which took place in the city of Örebro. It went no good. Instruments were broken and because of that we got only 10 minutes on the stage. Our drummer went furious and throwed his drumsticks all over the place and yes I understand him quite a lot. As compensation, we got a gig later in the autumn this year. But there were good times as well. We had a photosession and finally got a band promo picture. Just look at the pic on the top of this blog post and you'll see it. Laughs and yells were thrown out but in big strokes it was a good day for us. It felt a little like we came a little closer together, it has recently seemed a little tense between all in the band and I hope it will mend its ways by the future.

By the way, Mono and World's End Girlfriend's collaboration is stunning. Their album called "Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain" is silently flushing my emotions down the gutter of dispute hatred and love. And also by the way, check out my procject's new demo called "Rites of Coriolis". Hope you like it.

love elvis

lördag 9 maj 2009

Review #1

Seven days prior this day I discovered a real cool postrock/shoegaze/experimental blog. The man behind it was hooked up by the community I tipped him of our new demo and we received a cool review that we are very fond of.

The Glass Forrest is a new founded (of what I know) blog. The person behind it reviews different genres. From ambiance to experimental rock/metal. I guess the limitation is none, except that the music is good though.

He has a perfect purpose with the blog. As he says on the first post himself "we present passionated and yet unknown experimental bands from each sub genre, from ambient to post-rock, metal to hip-hop and also the more unknown genres which costed a lot too much time to mention here too." I like it!

So check out The Glass Forrest and don't forget to check our review out


fredag 1 maj 2009

Studio #3

Patience, patience and again, patience. Of course we were eager to finish the tree-track demo. But for me it actually felt quit good with a break. Not because it was dull or that I was sick of it. Basically it was pleasent to have a rest and just have a nice break.

Yesterday was a handfull of happening-day. People were wrecking themselves with gallon after gallon. Not with water, yes, alcohol. I abstained from it because I wanted all prerequisets on my side.

Friday morning: My goodmorning clock was saying Cult Of Luna - Curse, awesome song by the way. At Slakthuset I did not expect that anyone would come because of yesterdays activities. Just as perfect as Elvis shoegazing was, Torkel showed up. Sunny as the weather was today as sunny was Torkel, he helped me and guided me through my vocals.

Everything was now set for mixing and due some arguing me and Torkel are satisfied. You can all enjoy a free copy at: http://www.megaupload.comd=C7DTN5BN

måndag 27 april 2009

Studio #2

Last night we thought we would be done with our three song demo, we were wrong.

I arrived exactly 9:59 at Slakthusets studio. I had a goodnight sleep and felt pretty siked about recording the first guitar sounds. For starters Håkan and I tried to find the perfect clean sound. We did not find it, we did find a pretty good one though. The intro in "A Slow Decay" was first to go and we did not bother using a metronome because it is 9/8 rate. The clock was suddenly 1 ó clock and my fingers were bleeding. Rikard and I started to take turns whos turn it was to record the guitar. The guitar sound came out pretty good. Of course it should be awesome, but that’s pretty impossible in that sort of studio. But it sounds better than the last time though.
As we have written in our MySpace blog we welcomed Elvis a couple months earlier. This was the first time in studio with him, which was cool. The piano was no problem for Elvis, he used his skills as he should do as a piano/noise dude.

We like to mixture with sounds that creates feelings and vibes. That is what Elvis do, he provides that extra feeling to the sound and band, he is creating that "top of the edge" feeling you know. Everything went well and Elvis work was done, perfectly. Next off were the vocals. I was pretty nervous because it is such a big part of me. It is quite easy to lay your criticism on one of the singers, obviously. Again that day was over and we had to schedule another day to lay the final vocals and finalize/mix the songs. Friday the 1st of May will be day when our demo will free for downloading, keep in touch!